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Hot water and steam boilers are the main source of heat throughout the Bay Area in commercial buildings. Ehret Co. does perform new installation, upgrade, and maintenance services of hot water boilers used for space heating or domestic hot water. As well as steam boilers used for space heating through radiators.

Energy Efficiency- Well maintained boilers are the key for a efficient low cost eco-friendly system. Ehret Co. will work with our customers to provide a regular maintenance schedule on their boilers to keep them in good conditions.  We have a close relationship with the manufacturer of our boilers, so we keep them informed of every visit we do to give maintenance on any equipment provided by them, this allows us to have on top of the training.  Our technicians have access to tech support from the manufacturer.

New Installation/System Upgrade- When we install a new system or upgrade an existing system, we use boiler both 94% and 97% efficiency this way our customer knows that energy bills will drastically be reduced. The boilers, if they are combined with solar panels the system will be 100% efficient, helping not only the eco system but our customers annual budget.

Services and Applications- Our high efficient boilers can be used to heat domestic hot water by using stainless steel storage tanks that have internal heat exchanger preventing water from both systems (domestic hot water and radiant heating) to mix. For space heating we use hot water radiators that are mounted on the walls throughout the space that needs to be heated. We also can heat the space using Pex on the floor, Pex that can be mounted either on thermo boards, quick tracks both on top of flooring, suspended under flooring, or in concrete slabs. Steam radiators can be used only with steam boilers and Ehret Co. is pleased to say that our technicians are able to install any of these applications.

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